A perfect car for students

For college students who want to travel home during breaks, having a car can be crucial. Plus, mom and dad might not want to move you in and out of the dorm every year trust me, it gets to be a huge hassle.

A perfect car for students

I have a pen. Because these verbs cannot be used with the present perfect progressive, you can just use the present perfect with since or for: In order to summarize the present perfect progressive and the present perfect, look at the following chart: Not sure if this person still lives in Korea; the time is also unknown.

We are sure this person still lives in Korea; we also know the time. The second and third sentences above have identical meanings. The first and second sentences have potentially different meanings even though they look almost the same. You may be asking, "Which one should I use?

When should I use the present perfect progressive, and when should I use the present perfect with since or for? However, for many verbs, if you want to say that the action started in the past and continues until now, it is better to use the present perfect progressive. Take a look at the following examples: NOT natural We have painted our house since last night.

Natural We have been painting our house since last night. Clear explanations and lots of exercises reinforce the skills needed for strong written communication. From filling in the blanks to joining short sentences into longer and more graceful combinations, this book will improve your writing.

All the answers to the quizzes are given in the back of the book. Click here for more information.

A perfect car for students

Rewrite the following sentences with the present perfect progressive. The first one has been done for you. He started to do this 4 hours ago.

Jack has been cooking for 4 hours. He started to do this in Carol lives in Morocco. She went there last month. Timothy rides a bus to school. He started to do it when his car broke down. She started to do this when she was young. Mick Jagger sings rock music.

He started to do this 40 years ago with the Rolling Stones. James knows how to repair a computer. He learned how to do it a long time ago. Doctors and researchers look for a cure for cancer. They started to do this more than years ago.

Patients use anesthesia during childbirth. They started to do this in the mids. I am reading this lesson. I started to do this 10 minutes ago. My brother has been driving since My brother has been driving for 33 years. Carol has been living in Morocco for a month.

Carol has been living in Morocco since last month. Timothy has been riding a bus to school since his car broke down.

Ping has been playing tennis since she was young. Mick Jagger has been singing rock music with the Rolling Stones for 40 years.Do you need to book a cheap rental car? Find it on pfmlures.com If you want a cheap car for rent and not to get dizzy with high prices and hidden charges, pfmlures.com is the .

If you’re like most college students, when you shop for a new car you’ll probably be looking for something affordable and economical, yet also stylish and fun. At this point in your life, New Cars. New Cars; New Car Pictures 10 Fun Cars for College Students Back; Page 1 of The Subaru Outback is a perfect car for the job, nifty interior tech.

cubic feet of potential cargo space offers a great point of usage for high school and college students alike, making up for decent fuel economy — 24 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway. The base model can be had for $16, new, which is a good price considering.

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