Agriculture the turning point

Economic[ edit ] Urban and peri-urban agriculture UPA expands the economic base of the city through production, processing, packaging, and marketing of consumable products.

Agriculture the turning point

In fact, agriculture can be said as the major turning point for the entire humanity and gave a provocationthought to build, to strive to progress and to achieve. Before the idea of cultivation, man was living in the dark ages.

He had no clue what is the purpose of his creation, how is he supposed to live and why did he even existed on this earth. It is time who gradually taught and introduced him the value of innovation.

I personally think that credit to every new innovation directly and indirectly goes to agriculture revolution. To me, Agriculture is mother of all the invention and revolution.

How agriculture was first started? Before the revolution took place, people in the old times were living a life of nomads. They were in the living in the form of group of people including men and women.

The food they ate were simple fruits, seeds and shrubs. They also use to hunt animals for meat. Some seasons were good enough to provide a lot of fruits and seeds while the other seasons were causing scarcity of it. The first ever base of agriculture was saving the seeds and food so that could be eaten later.

Second base of agriculture was falling of seeds and the growing of plants out of those seeds.

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It really amazed those who accidently dropped the seeds in the ground and later found the plant on the spot of seed. Agriculture found its basis in the world from that day. Formation of Communities With the passage of time, the people living in the groups of people started to split into smaller groups and the settled in one area which gave rise to the concept of community.

It resulted in formation of villages and since then they learned the way of living and the way of communicating with each other.

Agriculture the turning point

They quit hunting and also started the sharing of food and other stuff with each other. They learned how to socialize and to take care of each other.

This is how human communities were formed. They used animals in many productive ways like bulls were used in ploughing of crops, horses and donkeys were used for moving from one place to another.

They also moved crops and other stuff from one place to another with the help of cows and bulls. Similarly, sheep, pigs, goats and other animals were kept which helped human directly and indirectly.

Dogs and wolves were also kept by those people because they protected them due to their faithful nature. This concept gave human the basis of Farming. They also ate fruits, berries, seeds etc. Later on, they learned the art of domestication of plants.

First ever domesticated plants were flax, cereals and pulses. Later on rice, barley etc. Agriculture is also known as turning point because People invented many tools that helped them in cultivation.SCENE OF WOMAN GIVING BIRTH. Located at the Göbeklitepe Temple E, this carving on a limestone paving stone depicts a half-naked woman.

The body stance, movement of the arms and nudity most likely refer to a birthing scene. Stylized facts on women, agriculture, and the environment continue to circulate. • Four myths are inspected against the conceptual and empirical literature.

Opinion Opinion: AMLO's election a turning point in Mexico's history. Mexico's new left-wing president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has all the political means he needs to reinvent the country. Energy crisis: Turning-point of humanity. by Rudo de Ruijter, Independent researcher, 18 September Updated 4 October After more than years of constant increases in the availability of energy and an explosive growth of the world population, we are now entering an era of declining availability of energy.

Agricultural Revolution marked decisive turning point in human history. Evidence support and not support. Support: changing evolution course picking plants, domestication, selectively breed ie. elongating corn, hunting extinct certain animals for food so rely on agriculture to survive.

MM: We are at a turning point and I believe with hard work, partnerships, strong systems and innovation, the vision of a food-secure Lesotho is within reach.

Agriculture the turning point

Farming profitably is also a major issue because that way, farmers will not perennially depend on subsidies from the .

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