An introduction to the history of ashland oil company inc

Middle, too, has been its traditional emphasis on the refining segment of the oil business, in which it has long enjoyed a reputation for excellence. Inchemicals and road construction were also sizable contributors, but Ashland remains primarily a refiner and distributor of oil products.

An introduction to the history of ashland oil company inc

Asbestos Products The history of Ashland Inc. Ashland Oil began in when J. The growth of Ashland Inc. InMiles moved his operations to new fields, and with the help of powerful financiers, backers and an established company president, the Swiss Oil Company was incorporated in Lexington, Kentucky.

The refinery Blazer selected was favorably located in Catlettsburg, Kentucky and in close proximity to navigable waterways where refined oil could easily be transported. Despite a postwar depression and economic pitfalls of its parent company, the Swiss Oil Company, the Ashland Refining Company grew into a regional leader as the supplier of refined petroleum products.

Profits of the combined companies soared and were considered remarkable during the Depression era.

Ashland Oil, Inc.

Increased demand for petroleum products brought about by the entry of the United States into World War II quadrupled the revenues of Ashland, as the company was involved in the manufacture of fuels for the military as well as explosives and other petrochemicals.

With the purchase of Freedom-Valvoline, Ashland acquired a well-known brand name of motor oil Valvoline that has proved to be one of its best performing acquisitions. InAshland increased its petrochemical holdings, and purchased United Carbon Company of Houston, Texas, makers of carbon black, followed by the purchase of Archer Daniels Midland Chemicals Company.

At this time Ashland formed a new operating subsidiary, Ashland Chemical Company, to oversee its petrochemical interests. InAshland continued to expand into the coal industry and became one of the top-ten coal producers in the United States. ByAshland began to exit the crude production business entirely, and began a massive shut-down of its refinery operations throughout the United States including its refinery in Buffalo, New York in InAshland Oil became Ashland, Inc.

With approximately 25, employees and annual sales and operating revenues approaching 8 billion inAshland, Inc.Ashland is a Trademark by Ashland Oil, Inc., the address on file for this trademark is P.O.

Box , Columbus, OH Trademark Introduction ASHLAND TRADEMARK INFORMATION.

An introduction to the history of ashland oil company inc

Zip Stik is a Trademark by Ashland Oil, Inc., this trademark has a nationality of Kentucky in the United States. History of Ashland. Ashland was incorporated as a City on March 25, It is located on Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior.

Legend says that the “Shining Big Sea Water” mentioned in Longfellow’s poem “Hiawatha” was Chequamegon Bay. Before being settled by white men, this area was home to the Chippewa Indians. Company History Warren Brothers, holders of the first patent of asphalt "Bitulithic" in the s, built the first modern asphalt facility in Cambridge, MA.

Ashland Oil acquired Warren Brothers in and in Ashland-Warren diversified into 26 regional divisions across the Southeastern United States, one of which is now APAC-Tennessee.

By , Ashland Oil and Refining Company had 3, miles of crude oil pipelines, miles of product lines, six refineries processing an average of , barrels a day, operated nine tow boats on the inland waterways, and owned over barges.

Ashland designs, creates, and applies specialized chemistry in ways that amplify the efficacy, refine the usability, add to the allure, ensure the integrity and improve the profitability of customers' products and applications.

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