Antonio ferrandina business plan

Transfusion service 9 RESEARCH ACTIVITY Inin addition to continuing the multidisciplinary research projects that were initiated in previous years, six new multidisciplinary institutional projects were launched also thanks to the funds obtained through a law by the Italian government which allowed Italian citizens to allocate the 5x share of their tax payment to support a research or charitable institution of their choice. The multidisciplinary medical team provides patients with the best therapeutic and observational strategies. Clinical cases are discussed weekly by all clinical and experimental investigators interested in prostate cancer.

Antonio ferrandina business plan

It assesses the UCO to biodiesel chain best practices, through a household survey, the industry expertise, the local authorities cooperation, and a review of the legal and market barriers and opportunities.

The information gathered will integrate an online decision making guide: These projects will be living labs helping to validate the feasibility of these good practices but also showcasing and spreading the project s results in a way that the achievements can be used to promote similar initiatives in other regions and by other entities.

Promotional campaigns and communication tasks will be developed to guarantee stakeholders involvement and to increase public interest about UCO recycling, motivating a behavioral change among citizens. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.

antonio ferrandina business plan

Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. The ultimate objective of the WP4 is to assess existing practices and to identify barriers and future perspectives in used oil production, distribution and exploitation.

For this, it is necessary to understand the national legislation and regulations concerning the UCO processing methods and the biodiesel distribution.

The national legislative framework with regard to biodiesel production and distribution, as well as the relevant technical norms and quality standards were identified and recorded by the RecOil partners according to a common template Annex 1 developed by TUC. The data gathered were compiled and compared and are presented to the following report.

Communication from the commission on Clean Power for Transport: A European alternative fuels strategy, Brussels, COM 17 final Biofuels are currently the most important type of alternative fuels, accounting for 4. Afterthe Commission supports that only the latter biofuels should receive public support.

To achieve these objectives, the Directive established, for each Member State MS a mandatory national target for the overall share of energy from RES in gross final consumption of energy set on the basis of the different starting points of the various countries.

It also establishes a set of sustainability criteria for biofuels and bioliquids Art. Biofuels and bioliquids taken into account for the purposes referred above, shall not be made from raw material obtained from land with high biodiversity value Art.

Also, establishes verification codes for the compliance with the sustainability criteria Art. MS shall require economic operators to use a mass balance system which: An assessment of the operation of the verification method for compliance with the sustainability criteria referred to as mass balance system is contained in the COM 31SEC final Renewable Energy: MS shall ensure that information is given to the public on the availability and environmental benefits of all different RES for transport.

When the percentage of biofuels blended in 1 According to the report, the mass balance system is a stringent system. It is clear that it requires farmers and industries to adapt their practices.

In terms of integrity and effectiveness, there is at present no potential to allow for verification methods for the biofuels and bioliquids sustainability scheme that are less stringent than the mass balance system laid down in the Directives. In line with the Directives the Commission will assess again by whether there is such potential.

The disaggregated default GHG emission values for biofuels and bioliquids produced from waste vegetable or animal oil biodiesel in cultivation are 0, in processing of waste vegetable or animal oil to biodiesel are 9 typical13 default. The aim is to secure specific reductions in GHG emissions associated with all aspects of production and use of energy used for road transport and non road mobile machinery.

This will primarily be done by refinery 6 9 efficiencies and biofuel blending. Biofuel contents are expressed as the percentage of bio component in fossil fuel on a volume basis.

MS shall monitor compliance with the requirements in respect of petrol and diesel fuels, on the basis of the analytical methods referred to in European standards EN Environmental Specifications for market fuels to be used for vehicles equipped with compression ignition engines, Type: MS may adopt the analytical method specified in replacement EN These differences relate to cold weather requirements and are detailed in the national annex of each standard.

This Communication is accompanied by Commission guidelines for the calculation of land carbon stocks, a binding document adopted according to Annex V, point 10 of the RED and by a Communication on voluntary schemes and default values.

The sustainability scheme contains two tools designed to reduce the administrative burden for economic operators: The option to use recognized voluntary schemes or bilateral and multilateral agreements to show compliance with some or all of the sustainability criteria; and The option to use default values laid down in the Directive to show compliance with the sustainability criterion on GHG emissions savings.b (red) babar (various media) | b (yellow) babar (various media) | bácor-olivar minor local entity of bácor-olivar (municipality of guadix, granada province, andalusia, spain)|.

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