Attitudes towards the religion of islam essay

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Attitudes towards the religion of islam essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Obviously, these two religions developed their own unique points of view toward commerce and trading through ever-changing society and different eras. Although the two religions initially have opposite ideas, before 16th century, they changed and assimilated individually and created their own peculiarity.

Doc 1, Doc 3, and Doc 2 are the early religious opinions about the trading. Doc 1 was from Christian Bible, the holy texts of the Christianity, documenting the words and major events from Jesus and his prophets, which is extremely important for Christianity.

It demonstrates that the wealthy people have difficulty to access the heaven of God and that the business people are the sinners perhaps due to the background of Jesus Christ, who was a carpenter and devoted himself completely into spiritual pursuit.

Islam And Christianity Merchants | Essay Example

Therefore, Christians are opposed to merchants and trades at the beginning of the first millennium. Later in the twelfth century, Reginald, peer and colleague of Godric, wrote the life of St. Godric, which shows that Godric started from a merchant although was very rich, abandoned all his possessions and donated to the charity in order to sincerely follow God and serve God.

Therefore, it shows that following God for spiritual sublimation is much better that the materialistically owning wealth, foiling the disdain to commerce of Christianity. Through this description, we can see that Christians became more and more inclusive about trades as long as trades are entirely free double-dealing.

Therefore, Muslims of the fourteenth century perceive these reprehensive merchants utilizing tricks for gaining profits are no doubt deceiving people and conducting unjust events.

Doc 6 and Doc 7 illustrate totally evolved ideas of trading system before As letters to and from Italian merchants and related to merchants from Doc 6 indicate, Christianity completely embraces business system. Doc 7, in contrast with Doc 6 of Islamic idea, Islamic court condemns tradesman who only works for profit.

Attitudes towards the religion of islam essay

And court perceives that trading should serve for one community instead of individual, which seems to belittle and control merchants. Though the providing information show comprehensively the changes and continuities of the religious views of business, adding the words and opinions from non-Muslims and non-Christians can offer a better background because all we have are from the people who deeply contacted with the Christianity and Islam, they might have bias.

Thus, views from people who did not believe in Islam or Christianity will offer a more thorough idea. The comparison and contrast of these two regions give us more understanding of the trade of Middle Ages accompanying with the bust and boom of Silk Road both on continent and sea.

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With the violence in the Middle East continuing, and further attacks on American soil in the name of Islam, the election campaigns have paid significant attention to . Islam seemed to be one that struck my interest, particularly because of the cultural and personal connection I have towards it, but then I thought I should experience a lesser known religion that I still have a cultural relation towards.

Important >>> Introduction: Quotations, beliefs about homosexuality, future trends. Christian teachings & beliefs about homosexuality by the full range of Christian faith groupings: fundamentalist and other evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics, manline and liberal/progressive Christians.

Current policies of specific, individual faith groups towards . Essay on Dbq Islam and Christianity Words Jan 2nd, 4 Pages Prompt: Using the documents, compare and contrast the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions origins’ origins until about

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