Devolution scotland essay

Download PDF Devolution was a process that radically changed the landscape of Scottish politics and the way in which policies could be developed for the nation. Such fundamental change of the Scottish political arena naturally required political parties to adapt themselves to compete in a new paradigm that had a different set of demands than Westminster politics. With the advent of Scottish-only policy making, the SNP have undergone a change in their internal structure to help them capitalise on the new opportunities that the Scottish Parliament have brought to them. The way in which the SNP have done this is by adopting a more focussed national approach to their party structure and policy, with the goal of creating electoral success.

Devolution scotland essay

These are called reserved powers, and they include: Legislation The devolved powers give the Scottish Parliament the opportunity to produce Scottish solutions to Scottish problems. It has passed laws abolishing university tuition fees, providing free personal care for the elderly, introducing the smoking ban, and many others.

The Committee system The Scottish Government has powers to propose changes to legislation and make recommendations to Parliament. One of the unique features of the Scottish Parliament is the way in which the Committee system operates. There are 17 Committees, most of which have between five and fifteen members, scrutinise the work of the Government.

Devolution scotland essay

The Convenors of the Committees are responsible for organising the meetings. These Convenors are drawn from across the main parties. Scottish Cabinet meeting Finance The main source of finance for the Scottish Parliament is still the block grant from the Treasury. This is worked out according to the 'Barnet Formula', named after the Treasury Minister who devised it in This allocation of money pays for all the spending programmes for Scotland, such as health and education.

Because of the 'Barnet Formula', Scotland receives a proportionally greater share of the money available - more than the share received by the regions of England. Some consider that the historical level of deprivation in Scotland justifies the amount.

The Scotland Actwhich drew up the conditions of devolution, granted the Scottish Government some tax raising powers. Although it has not yet been implemented, this allows the Government to vary income tax by plus or minus 3 pence in the pound.

If there were to be an increase in income tax in Scotland this would give the Government much more money with which to finance its spending. However, such a move might also be very unpopular with some of the electorate.

Coalition and Minority governments Basing the election system on proportional representation means that the Scottish Government might be made up of a coalition between different parties. During the first two terms of the Scottish Parliament the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties shared power.

The advantage of the coalition system is that the different members of the Government will push forward issues of importance to their party manifesto.

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This means broader representation for more of the electorate. For example, the Liberal Democrats were mainly responsible for driving the abolition of university tuition fees. The SNP did not form a coalition with another party and formed a minority government instead.

This means the other parties will choose on each issue whether to support the SNP government or not. The SNP will have to rely on other parties to pass laws. This is sometimes known as consensus politics. Reform The Scottish Parliament recently marked 10 years in existence.

However, there remain issues regarding the relationship between the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament, including: The role of the Secretary of State for Scotland.

Some consider that the post is essential, to give Scotland a voice in the UK Cabinet. The number of Scottish MPs at Westminster was reduced in There are now 59 MPs from Scotland. Scotland's share of the UK budget may be reduced to force the Government to use its tax-varying powers. In the Calman Commission published its findings on possible reforms to the Scottish Parliament and the future of devolution in Scotland.

The relationship between the Scottish and UK Parliaments has received more attention in recent years. During the first two Scottish Parliaments, the Labour Party was in charge in both Edinburgh and also in London so there was a large degree of cooperation as might be expected. With the election of the SNP Government in Scotland in and a UK Labour Government there have been some disagreements between the two particularly on economic issues.A request had been made for publication of the minutes of the Cabinet Ministerial Committee of Devolution to Scotland and Wales and the English Regions, dating from and The Process Of Establishing Devolution Law Constitutional Administrative Essay LISA JOHNSTONE "The Scottish Parliament is an expression of the settled will of the Scottish people and as such reflects the hopes and aspirations of a nation as much as the needs of a political system".

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This essay will explore the developments of Parliamentary sovereignty since Dicey’s time, focusing mainly on three significant changes to the British state namely, the joining of the European Union (EU), devolution of Scotland and the enactment of the Human Rights Act (HRA).

Following devolution of power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in , the government proposed similar decentralisation of power across England. Following a referendum in , a directly elected administrative body was created for Greater London, the Greater London Authority.

UK Political Devolution and Scottish Independence Essay - Within this essay I am going to discuss, and evaluate the Scottish devolved political system. Devolution is the transfer of powers and since the UK has changed due to the devolution.

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