Discussion about development

People around the world recognize that current economic development trends are not sustainable and that public awareness, education, and training are key to moving society toward sustainability. Beyond that, there is little agreement. People argue about the meaning of sustainable development and whether or not it is attainable. They have different visions of what sustainable societies will look like and how they will function.

Discussion about development

Andria Corso In order to have a productive career discussion with your manager, it is important for you to prepare and think through some key items ahead of time. You want to be in full control of your career path and the best way to do that is to approach your manager with confidence and conviction around your career goals.

To prepare for the discussion, start by answering some basic questions about yourself and your career: What is your personal mission statement with regard to your career? This response should focus on what you hope to achieve through your career.

What are your values? This response should include your top five values in your life. The importance of answering this question is to be sure your career goals match your current values.

For example, if you value innovation, that influences your career choice and objectives. What are your motivators? This response includes examples of what motivates you.

Is it fast-paced work with short deadlines? Is it structured work or flexible work? As with your values, you want to be sure your career objectives align with your motivators. What is your short-term career objective? This response should be about where you see yourself in the next 12 months.

If you want to be in a new assignment, then you should state that, as well as what that assignment could be. If you want to remain in your current role but perhaps take on additional duties, then include that information in this question response.

What is your long-term career objective? This response highlights your ultimate career objective. Some people do not know what this is, but if you do, it is important to share it with your manager.

This helps your career plan to be tailored towards reaching your ultimate career objective. What are your strengths? This response focuses on your current strengths that you can leverage as you grow in your career. What are your developmental areas?

This is about the areas where you need to grow so you can reach your career objective. What are you willing to do in the next 12 months to reach your career objective s? This response should focus on some specific, tactical items that you can work on over the next 12 months.

Discussion about development

Consider this your action plan to reach your objective. After Preparing For A Career Discussion With Your Manager… After you have these questions answered and feel comfortable with your responses, it is time to share this information with your manager.

Ask your manager for input on your career objectives and whether they feel these are reasonable and achievable.

Discussion about development

Ask them for input on your strengths and development areas and also request their support of our action plan. This will aid in your ability to be successful in reaching your objectives.

By taking the time to answer these questions and prepare for your career discussion, it will be much more productive and, hopefully, a more engaging discussion for both you and your manager. This post was originally published at an earlier date.Where web developers and designers learn and share how to design websites, build mobile applications, create WordPress themes, write code, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and much more!

How to have constructive discussions about your career progression Open communication about career goals and professional development is beneficial for employees and employers alike. Here's how to.

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