How the aspca uses digital media

Organizations that build digital media products rely on multi-skilled teams and manage those teams with business processes designed to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

How the aspca uses digital media

News, tips, and resources by and for the nonprofit tech community December 5, Engage, Inform, Recruit: By delivering great experiences and content to your key constituents, you can use that engagement to drive social visibility.

Great content and experiences make people feel connected to an organization, and when these connections happen on places like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, one-to-one conversations turn into socially visible endorsements for an association or nonprofit.

So how can a nonprofit use social media to inspire donations and grow its volunteer base? Engage your audience with compelling content Engaging your audience means sharing content that encourages them to act.

You can see how successful that content is when people comment, share, like, retweet, and repin. What kind of content is engaging? What educational trips have you taken? In what way have they awed and inspired you?

Keep potential donors or volunteers informed Social media allows nonprofits to interact with their audience on a daily basis. Take advantage of that interaction by informing your audience about your mission.

Regular posting of your accomplishments, announcements, and events help to remind your fans of the vital role you serve in your community.

Event photos and videos allow you to show off your hard work. As your fans interact with your content, their networks will see it, allowing you to spread your message even further.

Reach out to them through social media to recruit them as volunteers.

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It shows your followers how they can make a difference. Looking for more ideas how to engage with your members, donors, and volunteers? Enter your details to sign up for NTEN updates.

How the aspca uses digital media

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Read the latest press releases from the ASPCA, including vital news, updates and information. Contact our Media Team or find public contact information. The ASPCA recommends keeping your pets indoors when possible but if you can't, be sure to put out plenty of fresh, cold water for them and put them in the shade.

Designed by Gray Digital Media. Millions have joined ASPCA in the fight against animal cruelty with social media. Social Media has changed the behavior of humans around .

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