How to write a metaphor

This parallelism is used in conjunction with epistrophe. In the years since independence, you have undergone a new and peaceful revolution, an economic and industrial revolution, transforming the face of this land while still holding to the old spiritual and cultural values. You have modernized your economy, harnessed your rivers, diversified your industry, liberalized your trade, electrified your farms, accelerated your rate of growth, and improved the living standard of your people. Kennedy, Address to the Irish Parliament "We do not come as aggressors.

How to write a metaphor

Metaphor stories are rich, resonant and full of life - they are clearly not "constructed" by the conscious mind to some formula or other; they are not just about "facts", they engage the entire neurology; they are usually surprising and not predictable in their outcome; metaphor stories are memorable, meaning that they are absorbed by the human mind in such a way that storage is successful, and the How to write a metaphor story can be "recalled" easily at a much later date; and most of all, metaphor stories contain EMOTIONS.

It is the energetic content of a metaphor story acting on the energy body which produces emotions - and those are physical sensations in the absence of a physical stimulus a person very literally "feels in their own body".

Change is a broad term but it does denote some key aspects, including remembering the story. Obviously, if the story is "forgotten" it failed to impact the human system at any level or in any significant way.

Thus, many a math student may remember different formulae for a time after "cramming" but never understands the bigger picture that underlies ALL these formulae, and after the test is over, forgets all of it to the degree that this information cannot ever be recovered, nor can it be USED in any meaningful sense.

How well a story is remembered is directly linked in a measurable cause-and-effect fashion to how much impact it had on a person, and how strongly they felt this impact through their physiological feedback devices.

How to write a metaphor

It is the sensation or experience of this impact which makes a story "become real" to an individual person. A metaphor story takes essentially an "energy movement" and packages that energy movement into a variety of forms of expression - the metaphor being used - in order to transmit the energy movement.

When Bambi kneels down next to its dead mother, the metaphor of deer carries the information or energy movements of a situation when a small child experiences what they do when their mother ceases to respond.

That might sometimes get forgotten in the quest for things, or structures, or this and that - at the end of the day, the only thing we are or even could be interested in at all is our own human experience right here and now, past, present and future.

Aesop, for example, instead of showing us three people having a fight, shows us in his metaphor stories a donkey, a cat, and a fox. Metaphor stories involving animals, like Aesop's tales and many fairy tales and children's stories, are one way of presenting information that creates a MOVEMENT from here, to there, across a threshold that might be in the way of that movement.

This threshold may be a blockage in the energy system of the listener; and the movement in the story is designed to get the listener over that energy blockage, and out to the other side where resolution is achieved, and all can "live happily ever after".

Fairy Tales As High Level Metaphor Stories The highest level of metaphor stories, the most complex metaphor stories, are classic fairy tales. The concept of a "fairy" tale also includes the presence of "otherworldly" powers or forces, which may act in surprising ways - fairy tales are metaphor stories about people interacting with each other, with the world AND WITH FATE.

However, we still retain the "other viewpoint" - these are not our neighbours Peter and Anne and their two children we are learning about, these are people "from once upon a time, in a kingdom, far away. This is how real learning happens, this is how we human beings learn and change.

People learn by events in their energy system, in their body; and that is how people learn through metaphor stories.

To write a good metaphor story, you have to tune into the flow of events that you know about and then metaphorize it to whatever level you might want to choose. Do you know a funny story that happened in your family?

Something interesting happened to someone you know? Something interesting or important that you learned, and that happened to you?

Here is an example. Example Metaphor Story The Waves The "real event" is me, swimming in the sea off the west coast of England, and finding to my horror that I had been washed out to sea by a strong current, that I was getting tired and there was no way I could swim against this back to shore.

I would drown out here, in full view of my kids.

Rhetorical Figures in Sound: Parallelism

So I stopped swimming and struggling, trying to catch my breath, trying to deal with my fear at this situation, trying to come up with a solution.

As I floated, I noticed that the tide was coming in - there were waves running to the shore.

How to write a metaphor

And that gave me the idea - I started to swim with the waves, swimming as hard as I could when the waves were going towards the shore; when they receded, I would stop and catch my breath. In this way, half an hour later, I made it back to the beach - completely exhausted by incredibly grateful to be on safe ground, and alive.

This is a true story, and even in this format, it already reads as though it was a metaphor story. Now we may retell this story in all manner of different guises - instead of me we might have "a sailor, from long ago, who fell off his ship, and the shore was too far awayWrite It Sideways: Think Backward to Write Meaningful Metaphors Excerpt: [M]etaphors can be tricky.

However, it’s helpful to think of them not as puzzles writers use to baffle us, but rather as keys unlocking more layers of meaning than we could possibly gain with a literal description. Metaphors are one of the most extensively used literary devices.

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A metaphor refers to a meaning or identity ascribed to one subject by way of another. Welcome to, a free online resource to improve your writing skills and help you write better. It is easy to learn how to write correctly.

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