India business report bbc presenter goes

There never has been and nor is there ever likely to be. India has a superabundance of food. South America is swamped in food. Billen et al

India business report bbc presenter goes

As the country looks towards its next General Election, the news series - India Direct will delve behind the headlines, going beyond the tales of a growing middle class and extreme poverty to bring audiences insight on this growing economic and global player.

The Country Direct seasons give BBC audiences around the world the opportunity to see everyday life in one country. Track, One Square Mile and Working Lives, the BBC's vast network of journalists explore the issues faced by a country and its people — from the economic opportunities and challenges to living life at every level of society; from its traditions and history to future plans and innovations.

india business report bbc presenter goes

Although with online access to information and news the number of people working in an organisation doing original on-field journalism is going down, but we are committed to maintaining our network of international correspondents around the world; because we believe that the advantages of first hand eye-witness accounted reportage is something important to us as it was earlier.

We currently operate in 27 languages around the world, apart from English. While this is not just mere news translation in 27 different languages, but we have journalist working in various parts of the country, with enhanced translation techniques which enable the journalist to network and connect them in much better ways, rather than just be the same information in different languages.

It is original journalism that is networked in each language. Thirdly, it is getting serious about multi-media. Our focus is to integrate multi-media platforms to serve our news, where online and offline mediums work alongside each other like radio, television and digital, which not many organisations focus on.

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We also have a keen focus on integrating out user-generated-content in our social media activities. We have about 5 million followers for our app BBCWorld and last week, we were the most re-tweeted news source on Twitter, which is twice as big as our nearest competitors.

This year is a heavy investment period, but I see revenue to continue to grow. Off all three components, each is growing at different rates, but I see digital advertising probably is the one that is growing most quickly, though the trends keep variating very often.

While the digitisation process in still underway in parts of the country, we are happy to see the penetration increasing gradually. Alongside India, countries like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia continue to be rapidly growing markets in Asia.

The India Direct season is expected to run across two weeks from 8 February and will include. The series will run for two weeks from 8th February In Working Lives, we meet Ahmedabad residents from across the economic spectrum with very different jobs and social positions.

He also meets another football team, one made up of dalits, who can only aspire to the big time. We will be looking at the antidote to Bollywood, the new wave of Indian cinema that has an independent sensibility, as well as the renaissance in regional cinema: And we go to an old-fashioned movie theatre in rural India to meet the typical Indian filmgoer and explore the relationship between Indian cinema and the millions who watch it.

Track - Presenter Rajan Datar will be roaming across India for a special edition of the travel news show. And in light of recent incidents, Rajan will also explore how safe India really is for female travelers.

The season is also expected to carry a special edition of India Business Report and to complement the on-air output, audiences will be encouraged to dig deeper into the country with dedicated online content on BBC.A BBC presenter who nearly died in a horror smash on his bike, woke up from a coma believing it was and he was an American racing driver..

The bizarre event happened after Will Glennon broke. BBC World News will host a debate with Facebook, Twitter and Google about their role in stemming the spread of “fake news”, hosted by BBC World News presenter Matthew Amroliwala.

Presenter Damien McGuinness He also works as a BBC foreign correspondent in Berlin. Like many Europeans today, his identity is a hotchpotch, not defined by national borders. The season is also expected to carry a special edition of India Business Report and to complement the on-air output, audiences will be encouraged to dig deeper into the country with dedicated online content on BBC.

Despite all the difficulties and recriminations, indeed because of them, the BBC did report India in a comprehensive and informed way in the s and s. There was a wide range to the coverage, including the various documentaries and arts strands.

BBC presenter JoAnne Good echoed her comments, saying women continued to experience secondary status to men in radio. Toksvig, the Danish born presenter, claimed women can only get ahead if they are young and pretty.

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